Saturday, March 29, 2014

Huangshan ( Yellow Mountain)

After hiking Yellow mountain in Huangshan for three days I took 209 pictures and like 4 videos . Here are few of my favorites. Hope you like them!  These mountain are beautiful and I couldn't get enough of them. Three days of Hiking
Day One: Allie, Erin and I hiking up the side of the mountain
Day Two: Allie, Erin, Alex,Monique, and I taking the cable care up and down, but hiking in between.
Day Three: All of us wondering around the mountain in a beautiful valley.



Can you see the hand?  Its in the middle! 



Peek-a-boo!  Monkeys were seeking up because people were dropping and throwing food for them. 

Do you see the face?  


Do you see the shark? Watch out he might get you! 

Buddha out of rock! 

All the girls I went with! 

Emerald Valley at the bottom of the mountain was just as beautiful as the mountain it's self!